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The logic that slack-jawed voters use when any political conversation arises. From the price of gasoline to the outcome of their mixed martial arts matches; it's all Obama's fault.

Political persuasion aside, there is clearly a strong negative relationship between intelligence and hate for Obama.
Normal guy: "Oh my gosh! That building is on fire!"

Drooling retard: "I heard it's Obama's fault. He wasn't even born in America. Not even a 'murican!!! I even seen on TV that he's a MUSLIM!!"

Fat republican: "No, stupid. He's a communist. He wants people to PAY FOR HEALTH INSURANCE. I got every right to eat as much as I want. As long as I can pay for my allpurinol, I'm gonna keep the gout at bay. I heard it's Obama's fault."

Normal guy: "Is there a functioning brain between the two of you?"

Drooling retard: "I have a big truck. I heard it's Obama's fault."

Fat republican: "I like eating. And money. It's Obama's fault nomnomnom ow my gout nomnom"
by ttmike42 October 12, 2012
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