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This phrase became popular from the NOTORIOUS B.I.G. song One More Chance.

Meaning that you don't fall into a women's attempt to play games / play hard to get.

If a woman doesn't treat you right, you can and will replace her without question with another woman.

Women for you are a dime a dozen.

This definition could also be reversed for a women to a man.
Person 1: Hey man I heard Heather was playing games with you the other night at the club

Person 2: Yea, for real man, she be trifilin sometimes but i cant help it... girl got me twisted.

Person 1: See bro that's exactly why I don't chase em i replace em. These old girls gotta know, if they play games they gotta go..

Person 2: Damn fool you harsh.

Person 1: Thats how I roll bro
by Chris Waltham January 23, 2011

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