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These are the original "I am Jack's" from Fight Club

I am Jack's Raging Bile Duct.
I am Jack's Cold Sweat.
I Am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise
I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge.
I Am Jack's Broken Heart
by Elliot C. March 02, 2006
All of the "I am Jack's" lines from the film Fight Club
Articles that the unnamed narrator discovers:

I Am Jack's Medulla Oblongata
I Am Jill's Nipple
I Am Jack's Colon

Variations that the unnamed narrator creates:

I Am Jack's Raging Bile Duct
I Am Jack's Cold Sweat
I Am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise
I Am Jack's Inflamed Sense of Rejection
I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge
I Am Jack's Broken Heart
by Jack Colon May 08, 2008
Origin - Fight Club (1999)
Used to emphasise a statement with added pop culture.
For female use, "I am Jill's..."
User can substitute "Jack" with their own name.
I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.
I am Jill's disturbed nightmares.
I am Bob's overwhelming rage.
by JediAndi September 02, 2005
A substitutive for the phrase: I feel/am X used in reference to oneself in the 3rd person.

Ex. I am feeling sad.


I am Jack's deflated happiness.

This is quite obviously made in reference to fight club in which the character refers to himself in the third person because of his schizophrenia

by antwskinner July 11, 2008
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