someone who is ALWAYS sick
Amy d. a.k.a. babycakes ALWAYS has warts, some type of severe cough, endometriosis, and cervical cancer (ps-from warts); therefore she is a hypochondriac.
by kenneth j. s. March 26, 2007
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a hypochondriac is someone who honestly thinks they need freakin' medical attention for every cough, sniffle, or itch they have. this person will not fail to annoy the living crap out of you, about how positive they are that death is knocking at their door.
"my eye itches. im positive i have acute miloid lukemia and lung cancer."

"your such a freakin' hypochondriac dude."
by kittie kat April 27, 2006
Someone who constantly thinks he or she is sick or about to become sick.

Lisa thinks she has the Bird Flu, but she's just a hypochondriac.
by Andy Z August 15, 2007
Someone who is really quite well, but with any sniffle or funny spot, they think they are dying of cancer/bird flu/aids. Or any other disease/s.
A good example is the guy in the movie Bandits. He listens to tapes of the definitions of illnesses to calm himself down.
"Omg, look at this freckle! Its kinda big, eh? Do you think its skin cancer?"

"Its dirt, dude. You're sucha hypochondriac!"
by hannerspanner July 26, 2008
Someone who believes everything they read on webMD, after looking up all their aches and pain.
No, Nancy, the internet is wrong. Just because you have a sore ankle doesn't mean you're a diabetic. I am sorry to say, however, that you are a hypochondriac.
by Preposterouz November 02, 2010
A person suffering from hypochondriasis, in which they over-react to normal bodily functions (ex: sweating or scabbing), confuse normal Common Cold symptoms for symptoms of more serious illnesses (ex: H1N1 or Whooping Cough), and generally act paranoid when a sneezing life form gets within 10 feet of them.
Person A: Oh no! I'm sneezing! I MUST have Swine Flu!

Person B: Simmer down, Hypochondriac, it's just the pollen in the air.

Person A: There's pollen in the air!? I'm gonna DIEEE!

Person B: *Facepalm*
by Kapu Wolf September 27, 2009
Someone who suffers and acts like they have ousted off an injury very far.
Lily: 'OMG, I broke my toe!'
Catherine: 'No you didn't, you just cut it, you hypochondriac'
by Guciemman April 17, 2011
Somebody who always thinks there's something wrong with them physically and they always think they're ill or are in danger of becoming ill.

"*cough cough* Dude I think I'm dying..."

"Shut up you freakin' hypochondriac, you just have a cold"
by CrystalForsen October 14, 2005

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