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A feigned rare condition used by infertile men in the senile stage of their life. It is an assumed macho excuse for their many failed marriages and sterility (which they perceive others to view as unmanly). First popularly used by Chevy Chase’s character, Pierce Hawthorne, in the NBC TV comedy Community, episode 2 ‘Spanish 101.’
Pierce: “What’s the moist-towelette industry like? Oh, believe me, it’s nothing like the product. Nah, it’s a hard…dry…large business. Destroyed all my marriages. ‘Course it didn’t help any that I can’t have children—I’m not sterile! In fact, it’s a rare condition called ‘hypervirility.’ Apparently my sperm SHOOT through the egg like bullets! Huh, can you believe that?”
Jeff: “I can’t. But YOU can, so that’s fine.”
by Amorphous Intelligence September 25, 2009
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