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A crappy boxlike Nissan car, known for its disasterous online social media "competition" in Canada which turned out to be a complete sham. Rule changes dismissing the weight of public votes, selecting contestants purely on geographic location and judges heavily linked to winning contestants made it the laughing stock of the internet. Possibly the biggest failure of online marketing ever.
"Check out my new Hypercube, I only had to rim three judges to get this!"
by The Hypercube July 16, 2009
62 20
(N) An object formed by 8 cubes that exists in four spacial dimensions as opposed to the standard three. A hypercube is entirely theoretical as it cannot be created by man. Also known as a tesseract.
Mrs. Paley: It's a tesseract!
Jerry: Of course! It must be a hypercube!
by ZZM v2.6 April 26, 2006
28 16