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A very awesome person. He is kind and cares for everyone. Sometimes is taken advantage so he seems to have his guard. Up, get through that walk and you'll find a really nice, sweet, and awesome person. He is also very cute and funny. He can be very awkward and random but don't freak out. Just get to know him (:
by Sweetpersom09 August 07, 2009
Another name for the species living in saudi arabia that possesses the ability to survive for days on their own milk. The milk from Hyders have massive healing abilities. However, only males have this healing milk.
Damn, that hyder has some big ass moobs.
by Hytham Alhindi May 27, 2011
A form of the Arabic name meaning lion, but now with a different connotation meaning "one possessing man-boobs". A Hyder is capable of producing milk and said milk can grant the drinker boundless energy. When a Hyder drinks its own milk it often becomes referred to as a Hytham.
It's a beautiful moment in nature when a Hyder makes his transformation into a Hytham as his lips touches his newly shined moobies.
by Hythar June 26, 2011
A kid that pretends to be a terrorist and has a weird obsession with bombs, C4, explosions, and anything else that is dangerous and makes a loud noise. A Hyder should never go to an airport for fear of being detained for his bomb talk.

A Hyder also is constantly attempting Indian or Arabic accents though they are very bad and sound exactly alike.

Such things might, to some, be amusing but most just find it annoying.
Person 1: Hey is that the lockdown drill?
Person 2: yeah my relatives are invading the school and their gonna blow it up. I have the C4 in my backpack.
Person 1: Stop being such a Hyder
by academy2014 September 30, 2011
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