sweet ass flower yo!!
YO! that hyacinth looks dope in your front yard dog!!
by Theresa Pepper March 02, 2005
Top Definition
The hyacinth is one of the best flowers ever. It is a flower with many colors, such as pink blue purple and white, and is found along the edges of lakes. The flowers emit an aura that can make chuck norris sing. the hyacinth is also a person.

if you ever meet a hyacinth in humanoid form, irl youll faint from the awesomeness. if you look up beautiful in the dictionary youd see a picture of one. Doesnt like her toes to be touched.
Ghetto foo' 1-"damn nigga deez hyacinths be up in this heezy"

Ghetto foo' 2-"dam s0n, how yall no dere be a hyacinth in this heezy?"

Ghetto foo' 1-"damn nigguh yall be high or sumthin?? shiiiit. cant u here chuck norris singin'??"

Hyacinth-"hello im hyacinth :]"
person 1-*gasp* *faint*
by Adrian rodriguez August 20, 2008
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