a viet surname. ppl wit this surname are very helpful, sweet, dependable, positive, and lokable =P
OMG. Matt is a total Huynh!
by Linda August 18, 2004
Top Definition
A word that defines greatness within a person. Huynh is a word used to describes those who are health, attractive, and successful.
The man by the bay is Soo Huynh
by Huynh Le February 24, 2005
Huynh (pronounced most simply, Hwin).

A Vietnamese surname, only taken by those who "Huynh, Huynh, Huynh, no matter what."
All they do is Huynh... and they stay there!
by Lyrical word smith July 24, 2011
a vietnamese girl with a lot of flair. she is beautiful, loving, and can be shy at times. she doesn't know her worth sometimes so you need to remind her of her awesomeness. her hair flows like a river you can swim in. it is refreshing. her eyes are as deep as the sea, you may need to ask her for a map so you don't get lost in them. she is also very skilled at computer games, namely tetris.
"she is beautiful, her name must be Huynh!"
by ohsnapsmd June 26, 2013
Asian version of the classic game 'soggy biscuit'
Person 1: What's that game Kev loves to lose?
Person 2: Oh he likes playing Huynh
by kwest21 February 11, 2009
Some guy that drinks bbt goes to br, but wishes he could go to massey =D He always looks up to hannah
Huynh wishes he was as cool as hannah.
by hannah December 12, 2004
A word commonly used to describe Homo-sexual Asians.
Hey look at that Asian over there you just know he is Huynh.
by Kevin Rudddd April 27, 2008
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