A moronic cunt. Or one who is mentally impaired. Often characterized by having awful taste in music, writing shitty poetry and cutting.
Various awards with the Hurleygurly935 namesake have been given out to those who have the characteristics mentioned earlier.
Ocean Ave. has received the Hurleygurly935 award based on her moronic comments.


Dude, you're such a Hurleygurly935.
by Dominick August 05, 2004
Top Definition
1.A YC message board member whose hipocracy, and idiocy are unrivaled.

2. Any message board member who is clearly and undisputedly a dumb cunt yet still remains on said board for the purpose of being shitted on.

"STFU n00b!!" (I have been around longer and thus am better than you)

"OMG I totally love...(insert name of trendy band)"

Usage : " Dude, you're so annoying"
" Yeah! he's a freaking Hurleygirly935"
by Da Boss August 05, 2004
Fed up with all the verbal beatings by other members YCMB members, she fled to the YC Chat for eternity. The forever hippocrate of the Yellowcard Message Board. The very reason to hate.
HurleyGurly935 One Week Old:
"Oh Em Gee! I love Ryan Key! He is so hott! Yellowcard roxx my soxx, bebe! Have my bebes Ryan!"

HurleyGurly935 2 Weeks Old:
"STFU Noob. Lyke Oh Em Gee! Ryan is lyke soooo hott! I want him so bad! I'm going to stalk him! Please..."
by Everyone On The YCMB August 05, 2004
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