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The usage of "hurah" is widely debated. While it is a way to express sheer excitement and enjoyment (i.e. We're going to Red Lobster, HURAH!), it is also a word used to describe various animate objects (liquor, sports, "recreational drugs") and also to imply that one wishes to have a "little extra".
When ordering a drink at a bar: "Excuse fine sir, but when you make my Whiskey Sour would you mind throwing a little extra "hurah" on there?"


When deciding what to do on any given night: "So friends, what say we get a little "hurah" and play some smash?"
by Boydwick August 04, 2011
i cant believe no one has already entered the word hurah!

it is a great word and should be used much more often by everyone.

Use of word: it shows excitement, happiness and complete utter joy! is often used instead of saying "yay"
i just got a new high-paying job HURAH!!!!!!!!! im so happy hurah!!!
by the wind is changing September 01, 2005
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