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A beautiful skinny man who does nothing but love all his friends. He is especially loving when drunk (especially to certain audrey individuals) and i wouldn't change him for the world. He is a truely fantastic and orgasmic individual.
Yo that cunt is the straight up sickest Huon.
by doodlechinfacehead September 28, 2011
He is the coolest guy to be around and a party never starts until he arrives with his badass irish attitude. All the girls flock to cat fight over him until he breaks up the fight by saying he will be willing to do a raffle.
He performs like crazy in bed with his rhino penis and he has a different girl every week because of the blasted raffle he set up. He has his eye on one particular girl right now and if she asked he would fuck here in the pussy
Yo that guys such a huon
by Bemused September 09, 2014
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