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v. - Getting so drunk or obliterated that it leads to a series of unlikely, dangerous, and potentially illegal events that could only happen in Huntsville, TX.
Jordan - Dude What happened last night?

Andrei - I don't know man, it's a long story. I'll give you the abridged version.

Jordan - Never mind. You got Huntsvilled didn't you?

Andrei - Yeah...
by jmm036 December 16, 2009
(1) The negative consequences of an extreme gender and/or profession imbalance in the demographics of a particular area, specifically to one's personal or dating life.
Commonly, the difficulty of finding an available girl/attractive male in places such as Huntsville, AL or at UMR. . .
I walked into the bar and all I saw were a bunch of dudes wearing wrinkled polos. My night was Huntsvilled.
by ghettocthulhu April 11, 2011
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