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A game spawned by two mysterious enigma's known as Dim and Tom-Huzzah, on the Text-based game Torn. The game is based loosely on Russian Roulette and Strip Poker. The rules are as follows:

Body parts are numbered, like
1. Crotch
2. Nipples
3. Armpit etc.

All the people playing are numbered:
1. Dim
2. Tom
3. Martyn etc.

Substances used are numbered:
1. Whipped cream
2. Chili sauce
3. Ketchup etc.

You roll a dice

First roll is what person is applying the substance to you

Second roll is what substance is being applied

Third roll is to what body part

Fourth roll is who licks it off after

Throw in some hot chicks and alcohol, and you've got yourself an epic night.
James - My dick is hurting so much, I put waaay too much chili sauce on it yesterday

Pete - Yeah, but it was an epic game of Hunkzah!
by Tom-Huzzah August 13, 2010

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