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Known from the second season of Paris Hilton's My New BFF calling her ex BFF 'Brittany Flickinger' from season 1 a Hungry Tiger cuz she was desperate for fame and fortune.

So basically a hungry tiger is someone who uses someone else to receive benefit from her/ his worth.
"My BFF and I are no longer BFF's. She's become my ex BFF. She was really hungry for fame and fortune, like a hungry tiger."
by Fhrita June 05, 2009
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A person or group of people who try hard to claim other peoples success. Such a person(s) are often described as opportunist, fake, plastic, and untrustworthy. Like a tiger they will often go to great lengths of hunting down their next prey. Hungry Tiger(s) have an inflated sense of self-worth regardless of their lack of originality. None of their success come from genuine hard work but rather through the strategic leaching/profiting off of other peoples successes or downfalls.
That girl over there with the purple dress is insecure and desperate for friends. When ever she is alone with my friends she tells them mean things about me in an attempt to turn then against me. Cheryl is a hungry tiger because she uses my relationships to get herself further.
by Saying it right since 1989 April 27, 2010
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When you fuck a girl in the ass while she's eating Frosted Flakes.
The bitch and i did the hungry tiger in the morning...even before the coffee.
by Tony Tiger October 06, 2006
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