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Hundul is a common slang used in the Bukharian-Jewish community to refer to Ashkenazi-Jews from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. However, the term is used to include all Russian speaking Ashkenazi-Jews who lived anywhere in the Soviet Union.

The exact meaning of the term is still disputed. Some claim that origins of the word Hundul comes from the Bukharian/Uzbek word Handalak--an early ripening melon. Still, others claim that it refers to pale skin of these Russian Jews. The term has been adopted by other Russian speaking Sefardi-Jews from Soviet Union like Gorsky-Jews.

Hunduli (plural) are looked upon as Jews devoid, ignorant or dismissive of their Jewish cultural values and religious identity.

There are two categories of Hundul males: either seen as book smart, intelligent and well mannered, or drug abusing, alcohol consuming and partying type whose parents are not much concerned and treat it as a normal youth behavior.

Hundul females are seen as sexy--closest thing to a typical Western blonde hair, blue eyed female--but are not marriage material at all for Bukharians. The stereotype and reputation of Hunduli females is full of legends as being very promiscuous and morally loose. They contrast Bukharian females who are raised in conservative, family oriented homes. Hunduli girls don't know how to cook or do laundry thus making them poor wife material.
Gavriel: "It's Yom Kippur today and I so Pavel Rubinsky walking out of McDonald's with a burger as I was walking to shul (synagogue.)"
Dovid: "eebee, toba, toba, toba, chisti hundul pess."

Mafrat: "Natasha's parents don't mind if she wears short skirts, heavy make up or brings guys home to smoke. I wish our parents were this cool."
Mafrat's brother: "That's because they're Hunduli and do you want to end up shalava like her?"

Benyamin: "Yo nigga I had this mad hard chem exam and I know I did well cause I copied everything from that hundul Max."

Moshe: "worddd son, let's make shashlik to celebrate!"
by Vasya Papov May 16, 2011