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1. When you want other people to take care of you but you are fine.

2. People talk to you but you act like you dont hear them.

3. You ask people for things you have already and most times you have more than one.

4. Your family work all day and night preparing food for you and you complain that it is not good. Also asks why you didn't cook it his way.

5. You eat the whole plate of food and when someone asks you how was it you say it was ok or could of been better.

6. You put salt on your potatoe chips and everything else that you put in your mouth.

7. Usually drive trucks i.e. Dump trucks or pickups or Ford Expeditions.

8. Only calls someone when he needs something.

9. If you ask a Humphrey a question if he doesn't know he mumbles the answer back to so you can't understand.

10. If you need help he is no where to be found
Humphreyism is alive and well.

That is Humphreyism at its core basic level.

Oh boy that is a Humphrey for you.

Stop being a Humphrey that is not nice.
by BurnBaby June 01, 2006
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