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Pretend to be in love in order to fuck a chick, and then dump her right away! Don't TELL her, just DISAPPEAR!
A person who DOES the hump-n-dump is called "Humpty Dumpty".
by Humped-n-Dumped July 08, 2006
The act of having sex and then breaking up with that chick/dude immediately afterward.
Hey dude, you totally pulled a hump n dump last night with that chick! Right on brah!
by deutschcanuck September 26, 2010
The act of hit and run

A one night stand
That Joe gave the ho the ole HunpNdump
by JokemasterJimmy January 25, 2004
When you have sex with a girl (or boy) and then run to the bathroom to unload a large duce
dude I just humpndumped a girl last night and totally clogged her toilet
by LLKoolM July 03, 2009
Dropping a deuce after sex.
Melly, I'll brb. I have to take a hump 'n dump.
by Mike's Shit Defs October 28, 2008
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