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(n.) One who is awkward in social situations and/or quite, but when spoken to he/she will be extremely awkward.
I tried to talk to Kevin today but he is a humf.

Why is Andrew such a humf?
#humph #cool #uncool #odd #wierd
by thatsme111111 September 01, 2009
a noise u make when someone makes fun of u or when u feel defeated
BackFlip325 (5:14:04 PM): i think your room is secretly clean all the time, like a girls room so your embarressed to let the world know your a girl
BackFlip325 (5:14:19 PM): so you cover it up with saying you have a messy room when in reality it is spotless
BackFlip325 (5:14:22 PM): hahahahahahahahaha
BackFlip325 (5:14:25 PM): jk jk jk jk jk
Duxsailor1 (5:14:25 PM): humf
#lexie #sexball #ball #google #jerry
by Kevin Newkir April 27, 2006
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