Sexy bruvz wiv da WOOAAH Tits!
Big tits man woaaah!
by saba bruvz February 09, 2004
Top Definition
Background Ethiopian and Arab also Persian.
Unfortunately envied by all women of unaturalism.

A true natural beauty inside and out.

A spirit that glows.

Genius of mind, body and soul.

Hated by men who love men and women in general for there is no competition.
Jack of all trades.
1.Humera's ora had the men speechless and the women speechfull.
2. Her presence maid the women feel insecure and the men eager to find true love from only Humera
3. Humera can turn everything she touches to platinum gold. or shimmering diamonds.
by jealous bug February 04, 2010
A girl who doesnt enjoy being stalked by weidos/ fobs & guys named ATIF who do random crap like stick her name on a website proclaiming their love for her!
Theres no chance in hell that Atif will ever get Humera, not even if hell froze over
by M & H January 17, 2005
a guji girl with very low self esteem who always looks at herself in the mirror, trying to fix her hair. humera is known for giving good advice and helping out her friends. she is also known as someone with obsessive compulsive disorder as she tends to get obsessed with certain boys from time to time
dude, why are you so obsessed with him? your like another humera..
by FatKid12345 December 30, 2011
Eminem's wife.
Oh look it's Humera...Mrs Mathers. :P
by . February 07, 2004
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