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According to 'SNL' a Human Suitcase is where you take a midget on roller skates and have him/her put on all your clothes then pull them thru an airport.
For Valentines day Sepfon recommends getting your sweetheart some human suitcases
by Strik9 February 13, 2011
A midget on rollerskates wearing all your clothes while pulled by a string.
I saw my first human suitcase at the airport
by jasonswestern February 13, 2011
A human suitcase is when you make a midget on roller skates wear all of your clothes and you pull them on a rope through an airport.
Janae pulled her human suitcase through the airport freely until TSA agents confiscated her midget.
by SuPeRDeFoRMeD February 13, 2011
when a midget on rollerskates puts on all your clothes and you pull them through an airport terminal.
tina: did you pack your suitcase carl?
carl: nah, i'm bringing a human suitcase instead. he packs himself.
by iamkayelem February 12, 2011
when you put all your clothes on a midget and pull it around in the airport.
instead of taking her prada carry-on, jenna decided to just carry her human suitcase to the boarding gate.
by ckguy518 February 12, 2011
when a midget on roller skates wheres all of your clothes, and then you pull them through an airport.

(taken from snl)
Would being a human suitcase be embarrassing or fun? or both?
by duchndlhjcnbcnbchubcejbchue February 19, 2011
when a midget in rollerskates, dress up in all your clothes... then you pull them through an airport
i got my girlfriend a human suitcase for valentines day
by sfnaln February 19, 2011