When one poops in a perfect spiral, like off the pictures. It requires some skill and is performed by pooping while moving your hips in a gyrating circular motion, as if using a hula hoop while taking a crap.
Hula Pooping:
Bro 1: Yo dude, check this dookie I just laid in the toilet. It's perfectly symmetrical.
Bro 2: Yo man, it looks like soft serve ice cream, how'd you do that?
Bro 1: Easy bro, I hula pooped that s***
by Poopey wieners December 18, 2012
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Top Definition
The dance that is done when one has to poop, but has nowhere to release aforementioned fecal matter. Dance moves include hip gyrations, hands on stomach, and the ever popular why-me-why-now jig. If you're really lucky, you can see intense face contortions.
Man 1: What is wrong with that guy?
Man 2: He just ate spaghetti and drank milk, so I reckon he's hula pooping
Man 1: That sucks, considering the nearest toilet is miles away.
by CarsBow September 11, 2009

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