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The swelling of blood you get in your juicy fat cock when you see a really hot girl, looking up porn, or if you're Remember, men can only get a huge erection.
When I saw Diana, I got this Hugh G. Rection!
by Alex C. July 10, 2004
Ummm..... It's self explanatory. You reading the name.
He has a Hugh G. Rection! Ok..That didnt really make any sense.
by An ASIAN DUDE July 08, 2004
A name someone uses to pickup girls at movies or dinner.
Girl: Hi nice to meet you. Im Amy
Boy: Nice to meet you to. Im Hugh G. Rection
Girl: What?
by urafckinbich April 18, 2016
A simple pun used by airheads to complicate the lives of those of us tortured by careless parents choice of name.
My name is Hughbert Gerald, my father's name was Harold Eric, and my grandfather's name was Gaylord Elza etc...
by Hughbert Gerald Rection August 03, 2004
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