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The real meaning of the sport known as American Football, as the ball is rarely in contact with the players' feet, in contrast, most of the time it's on the player's arms holding it ever so passionately.
person1: why in the world do they call this game Football?

person 2: 'cause it was too gay to call it Hugball
by medicalmechanica December 18, 2009
v. To hug a male partner after he is finished humping the female partner's breasts, and has cum all over them. The chest-to-chest equivalent of snowballing. Not as disgusting as a snowball, but messier, if the male partner has a lot of chest hair.
After sisko came all over celeste_'s chest, she hugballed him, to share the results of his hard efforts.
by brk23 August 02, 2006