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To be hugaphobic means you suffer from hugaphobia. This means that you have an irrational fear of hugs (or are wary of them).
In general, hugaphic people are both interesting and elusive, despite their irrationalities.
A shocking fact, is that most hugaphobic people are female. Hugaphobic females defy all logic and as such are somewhat of a mystery to observers and thinkers of the modern age.
However, on rare occasions, hugaphobes have been known to go into remission and will infact hug someone. This generally happens due to tiredness and sugar, however this can also lead to irrational laughter.
Stephen: Hey Ash! Gimme a hug!
Ash: I can't! I'm Hugaphobic for no aparent reason whatsoever!
by BlandKitten December 10, 2008
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