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A German swearword meaning wanker,tosser,arsehole, motherfucker, knobhead or any other similarly derogatory term used to describe a person.

(literal meaning = chickenfucker)

A most versatile word, which can be used to great effect in a wide variety of contexts. Particularly useful when negotiating the removal of a towel which has been placed on a sunbed at an ungodly hour for the purposes of unlawfully establishing ownership rights to said sunbed.
Nimm das Handtuch weg, Du Huehnerficker!

English translation: Please would you be so kind as to remove your towel,you motherfucker. I'll buy you a beer and I promise I won't mention the war or laugh at your pronunciation of the letter v when you speak English. Good man.
by DOLLY BUSTER March 10, 2005
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