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Everything from, involved with, or related In any way to Hudson WI is a fail. They tri to do stuff and absolutely fail. The residents of Hudson Wisconsin were all accidents and complete fails. They can easily be picked out of a crowd by there obnoxious hair style dubbed, Hudson Flow which just screams, "I think I'm Better than you." Also Hudsonites partake in the sport fall baseball. This however was never meant to be a sport. Don't be confused by the fact that the MLB plays in the fall that is different altogether because it is the playoffs of a profesional sport. Fall baseball is baseball played by amateurs in the wrong season of the year. All participants are thus Hudson fails. If you run into someone from Hudson the safest thing to do would be to kill them and burn the body, but if this cannot be arranged simply compliment their hair and run like hell.
Look at that Hudson Fail he is such an idiot. 
Wow look at Schaefer he is a Hudson Fail. 
Wow tri harder or you will be a Hudson fail... 
You just Hudson failed. 
He thinks he is cool cause he has his hair brought up to a point in the front but he is actually a Hudson fail.
by Tú madre fu December 19, 2009
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