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Named for the astonishing water landing of a passenger jet in the Hudson River by Chesley "Sully" Sulenberger III.

A sexual maneuver that takes place in an area that is either tiled or covered in a linoleum or other laminate floor. The act begins with the man on his knees, holding the woman in front of him, supporting her weight with his arms, facing one another, penis inserted into her vagina. The man, who has a full bladder, pulls his penis out of the vagina and urinates on the floor behind her. He then re-inserts his penis into her vagina, lowers her back onto the fresh urine, and with one big thrust of his pelvis/penis he sends her gliding across the floor like a jet coming in for a water landing. The true HM includes the man throwing his arms and head back in celebration at the moment of uncoupling after the thrust.
So Jimmy says, "My girl can't get enough of my giving her the old 'Hudson Mishap,' but I hate cleaning up after it."
by Danny "Happy Monkey" Hammer February 11, 2011
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