Huck is to vomit or spew
I hucked all over my girlfriend's mum
by Cheify August 19, 2005
to express your confusion
"We have a test tomorrow." "Huck?"
by Alysha Viola February 17, 2005
Huck is a short way of saying huckle - a hunch, a hump, the hip. Huck is anal fucking. Easy to remember - hunch = arse in a good position
The young gay man in his late teens hunched down with his arse raised so that his friend could huck his hospitable high ham hole humiliating him.
by St. Ias - Bought the pump back September 16, 2005
To vomit.
Chuck realized he was sick 2 seconds after he hucked all over himself.
by Meinenhauser Gertenfinkel March 28, 2004
another word for back fat located under the shoulderblades. Plural: Hucks
Look at the hucks on that nigga
by John W June 02, 2004
(adj.) Commonly used in the Bay Area; an arrogant synonym for ugly, disgusting, and or unappealing. A foul way to say something is displeasing to the eyes.
"Shannon's hair is hella huck! Fried with hot tools and it's got three different colors in there."
by Hellahuck May 18, 2015

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