The Landing Or attempt of a flip, trick or spin
Bryn hucked a really good flip last week.
by Yourj3wishpreist September 14, 2013
verb. anything you can do, you can huck. usually used when throwing or moving something.
Antonio: Hey man, wanna huck me some popcorn?
by Merp Derp Flerp June 04, 2013
The act of throwing or lobbing an object that must be a grenade or something that blows up.
"Man i hate J-Dog, i'm gonna huck a nade in his lunch"

"Dude he's my dad"

"So... u want in?"
by Gerdemann25 August 06, 2007
African American adolescence male who hangs on the street corner all day, drinking, smoking, and disturbing the peace.
Where's Tyrone at?

Oh that hucks over on the corner smokin.
by fuck huck July 16, 2009
Basically huck can mean anything, especially a cuss word, like this is a bunch of huck, but you are not swearing, therefore you can say it in front of friends, co-workers, and supervisors without getting in trouble. Great word that means about whatever you want it to mean, huck is a beatiful thing.
Dude, working at this company is a bunch of huck, the pay sucks ass, and they work us like a bunch of fools, and I would rather be taking a huck, or getting a piece of huck!!!!!!!!!!
by Sgt. Signal D April 30, 2009
a long pass to the endzone in a game of frisbee.
Damn Dan just caught and tight huck.
by bellatrix August 14, 2004
An extreme form of a hick; a derivative from Huckleberry
Kevin Taylor, you're from South Carolina? That makes you a Huck.

Only Hucks wear overalls...
by J.Bell January 25, 2012
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