Huberts are kids that smoke high grade marijuanna and do other drugs. and end up broke after their fix of dutchmasters, munchie foods, and drinks. usually fall asleep high with no dolla billls in they pocket.A hubert can also be a kid that undertakes strange and unordinary hobbies . huberts are known to be soft and very queer. huberts are prime victims for hitting licks.
i dont understand why jj hubbeettt intends on buyin 7 dubs a day instead of just buying a quarter and saving himself 30ddollars.. what a hubert ass nigga. ppssshhhhh. i love huberts <3
by sir seeks alot January 09, 2012
Top Definition
The most amazing person in the world. You will never meet someone like that in your whole life. Take the change, be with him.
I want to be hubert!
by bubu13 February 05, 2010
A guy who spends all of his hard earned co-op money, lives pay-check to pay-check, always up for weekend plans, into "nice" things, in love in Taylor Swift, and is an excellent ski instructor.
Ugh, I have been such a Hubert the past few months. I have to cut back on my expenses!
by ihloh January 15, 2012
A cubic mouthful. i.e. Unit of volume.
Bluto Blutarsky squeezed a hubert of mashed potatoes on the preppy.

I'd estimate her naturals to be a couple of huberts.
by sswo April 28, 2011
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