South African greeting - meaning hello, how are you and what are you up to? Alternatively, I dont really have the energy to stop and chat with you, but take this Howzit as being friendly enough -thanks. also a clear marker for when someone is a south african.
howzit ma bru, howzit ma chinabean, howzit china, howzit.
by Catherine Marie Kaponga May 28, 2005
Top Definition
Term locals in Hawaii use to greet each other. The equivalent of the haole greeting "how are you?"
"Howzit, bra."
by Jimmy Hapa June 07, 2004
It is a pidgin word that means Hello / What's up / How is it and it also is a South African slang meaning the same thing, Hello / What's Up / How is it.
Hooo brah, howzit! -- Pidgin

Howzit. - South African Slang
by curtaincall April 01, 2009
South African version of wazup?
Hey bru, howzit, man?
by Anonymous January 28, 2003
Abbrev:How's it going
Howzit(How's it going) Dave?
by James/Skeeter/Drex March 16, 2003
Basically meaning how you doin.
Howz it with you mah niggz?
by Damage September 10, 2005
how are things with you!
howzit today,is all okay?
by allan glazer July 20, 2005
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