An extremist whacko who's now in charge of the extremist whacko party!
"Republicans are evil.I hate all
Republicans" - Howard 'the scream' Dean

by Communists suck dick March 03, 2005
Definitely not a "common sense moderate " as tagged earlier. A man who embodies the impotent frustrations of the liberal arm of the Democratic party. Hopefully, an example of what will ultimately happen to the union and special interest pandering portion of that party.
Howard Dean went the way of the dodo bird.
by Beneli April 28, 2004
The man who we thought would be running for president but did extraordinarily badly in the primaries. Too liberal, too crazed, too short, too stocky, too uncharismatic. Doesn't look good, Dean!! And who gives their height in quarter inches?
"I'm 5'8". Almost 5'9". 5'8 3/4 to be exact." -Howard Dean
by Don February 07, 2004
A man with great charisma, a great record of achievement in Vermont, and a moderate despite what conservatives would have you believe. Fiscal "conservative" by which is implied he cared about balancing budgets even tho conservatives never do so, and havent done so in thirty six years, endorsed by the NRA seven times. These two things about him completely erase the label "ultraliberal". He was a overall liberal in the fact he was against the Iraq War from the start, doesn't cut taxes for the rich, promoted tolerance by letting geys have civil unions, yet not calling it marraige, protects the environment, and would be an excellent president. Perhaps the second coming of Bill Clinton. The media unfairly labeled him as crazy after a campaign rally in which he actually excited his supporters, an important skill which John Kerry sorely lacked, perhaps costing him the presidency to Bush 43(IQ).
Howard Dean was an excellent politican, as well as a governor. He may have lost the nod this time, but he will be the 44th President of the United States. "Mark my words. You can write it down."
by Howard Dean '08 January 16, 2005
A crazy man.

But he's still not as crazy as Bubba the Arkansas pigfucker or Al the Gorebot,beep beep!
Libs are whackos!!!!!
by damn kooks June 27, 2004
See unelectable Has the same chance of beating Bush as the Washington Generals do the Harlem Globetrotters.
Short wealthy firebrands have this nasty habit of not winning presidential elections.
by Mortenson January 26, 2004
A psycho; pure and simple. He yells and screams when campaigning. He likes this a lot.
Howard Dean impression:
by A Hoosier December 11, 2004

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