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A rising YouTube channel.
The creator and main star of HowToBeTV (or HTBTV) is
Moh Sohrabi, an Actor, Comedian, and Musician.

Moh Sohrabi is 16 year old Iranian-American living in Virginia, and his wish is to become a famous actor. He states throughout most of his videos that rapping is just a hobby for him, unlike popular belief where people think he is trying to become a famous rapper, he says that Acting is his real passion.

Moh is also very open to his Muslim religion, mentioning it in many of his songs, showing that he takes pride in who he is, and is showing all new aspects of what Middle Eastern Muslims are like.

HowToBeTV is a YouTube channel where many different types of videos are posted up, the most recognized being the music videos.
Skits and Vlogs are also found on this channel as well.
"Hey did you check out HowToBeTV on YouTube?"
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by HTBTV June 03, 2009
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