How Rude.
The first message was, ASL? I responded by quoting Jar Jar Binks."HowWude".
by Waboa February 13, 2009
Top Definition
Jar Jar Binks' rib-cracking Gungan rendition of the commonly known but rarely spoken phrase "how rude" in George Lucas' 1999 magnum opus Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace.

Binks is perhaps best known for demonstrating the versatility of this expression and reviving it from near-certain obsolescence in an increasingly callous American culture where rudeness has made enormous gains in legitimacy over the past half-century, even becoming embroidered into the very fabric of society. The devilish simplicity of changing a simple letter, "r," to "w" in order to achieve a multi-faceted meaning that both chides the offender and toys with cutesy-humor is the product of what can only be described as formidable, razor-sharp wit.

Binks has achieved widespread recognition and acclaim for his impeccably delivered alien Ebonics. Everyone is also in wide agreement that Binks is just a CUDDLY-WUDDLY WIDDLE ALIEN as well.
Shmi Skywalker: All slaves have a transmitter placed somewhere in their body.
Anakin: I've been working on a scanner to try to locate mine.
Shmi Skywalker: Any attempt to escape...
Anakin: And they blow you up! BOOM!
Jar Jar Binks: HOW WUDE!

Captain Tarpals: Hey, you-sa! Stop-pa dere!
Jar-Jar Binks: Hey yo, Daddy, Captain Tarpals. Mesa back.
Captain Tarpals: No-ah 'gain, Jar Jar. You-sa goin' to da Bosses. You-sa in big doo-doo dis time!
Jar Jar gets shocked by a Gungan spear
Jar-Jar Binks: Yipe! HOW WUDE!

Some asshole kidnaps you, rips out your teeth, and buries you up to your neck in wet earth, denying you food and water and offering only semen sucked from his cock as a source of sustenance. He also forces you to recite the Gettysburg Address each morning at dawn. You look him directly in the eye and say, "HOW WUDE!"
by Free Moose (limit 1 per prsn) March 30, 2011
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