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If you are wondering how to jerk off, it is very simple. All you have to do is use 1 of your hands and grab your penis...Then you rub it by stroking it up and down. You should use lube that way nothing happens to you. Jerking off is really fun. And if you jerk off it doesn't mean that you are can do it with friends or anyone you choose it doesn't matter if they call you gay your not trust me. And that is all you have to do is sroke ur penis back and forth to make it more entertaining you can finger your ass or rub ur nipples or what ever you want to do. I do mine while I am taking a shit that way no1 knows and you have have a nice job done.
Jerking off is very simple, I will teach you "How To Jerk Off"
by NellyBoy NY March 14, 2009
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