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The drink served by pissed-off housewives who take to much shit from their loudmouth idiotic, shithead husbands.
Husband #1: Helen, this is some of the most vile tasting shit I have ever had

Husband #1: Bill, whatever you do don't drink Helen's coffee. It tastes like second rate poison.

Helen: Actually, it is poison. I am getting sick of all this bullshit so I put a little bit of poison in every cup.

Wife #2: I am doing the same thing to Bill. I just love serving him his nice big steaming cup of Shut the Fuck Up.

A Famous American University completed a study in 1951 that concluded American housewives are forced to take a lot of shit from their loudmouthed, idiotic, shithead husbands. The study concluded that the best way to fix the situation is to say "How about a nice big hot steaming cup of STFU" and give them What-Ever, spouse poison!
by Nark1331 November 17, 2009
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