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Really? You really looked this up? Well I'll just explain it to you. A soon to fail Nick show. They are trying to tell kids its 'Ok' to be yourself. Well they failed at the attempt to do it. The cast is HORRIBLE, consisting of 3 idiotic 15-16 year old Faggots and one girl who happens to be a horrible singer. They form this stupid band name 'Gravity 5' or some shit like that. The only reason I know of this show is because of my 7 year old sister who forced me to watch with her or she wouldnt tell me where she hid my phone. So remember NEVER EVER EVER watch this show, you will most likely blow your'e brains out.
Little Girl 1: I love How to Rock

Man: Fuck that, I rather hear 10 hours of a monkey scratching his balls.
by TheGoodJuan August 06, 2012
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