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hous-gaz-uhm noun
1. the physical and emotional sensation experienced at the peak of viewing a spectacular property, usually resulting from stimulation of the cerebral cortex and eyeballs, usually accompanied by vocalizations.
2. intense or unrestrained excitement caused by viewing interior, exterior or properties, in person via photograph
3. an instance of experiencing this.
You know you're at a New York screening of "Afternoon Delight" when the entire audience experiences a housegasm at seeing the view from a home in Silver Lake.
by lisathek September 16, 2013
A sensation of your mind creaming itself after hearing the word LUPUS. A condition only found in the most severe of the HOUSE M.D fanatics. Poor souls...
Subject 1: LUPUS!
Subject 2: *Housegasm*
by xPi January 10, 2009

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