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Where a man goes to put a condom thats too small on and it makes the penis look like an hourglass.
My circulation was cut off because of the hour glass effect.
by Brent H. (Lol Nicole) July 14, 2008
When a guy goes into cold water and his ballsack shrinks around his testicles, resembling a sideways hourglass.
At the beach, the water was so cold that I experienced the hour glass effect.
by TheSavageSquid June 01, 2010
A side effect when the act in which two or more people engage in anal sex occurs. When a man inserts his penis into another's asshole, and then the person squeezes said asshole, the penis is then contorted into an hourglass shape. This is the hourglass effect
Bill: "Stop squeezing your asshole! You're givin' me in hourglass effect!"
by Mike November 13, 2003

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