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3 definitions by TheSavageSquid

Noun; An insult. Usually just a random insult, unless they do infact destroy penis and queef very often. Usually used towards females, but can be used towards a male if chosen to.
Person 1: "Aww man that girl's a wicked bitch!"

Person 2: "She's a cock mongoling queef burger!"
by TheSavageSquid June 01, 2010
A quick masturbation session, either for fun or for enhanced focus
When he was losing at bowling, he went to the bathroom for a quick power pump.
by TheSavageSquid November 15, 2011
When a guy goes into cold water and his ballsack shrinks around his testicles, resembling a sideways hourglass.
At the beach, the water was so cold that I experienced the hour glass effect.
by TheSavageSquid June 01, 2010