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A combination of Hooker and Cougar; an older female prostitute; a prostitute who is 8 or more years older than her male client.
At that time of night there weren't any young hookers in the casino, so he went ahead and hooked up with a HOUGAR.
by T. Z. Müller January 07, 2010
An angry, bitter woman, who has transcended cougardom, by gaining a large amount of weight. She embodies the worst parts of a hog, and a cougar, therefore, she is a Hougar. She is often bitter because she has been dumped by her much younger boy-toy and replaced with a younger, skinnier model.
Demi Moore, if she was to gain eighty pounds, and be embittered by the loss of that huge douche, Ashton Kutcher, would be a HOUGAR.

Sometimes referred to as an Angry Buffalo.
by 11410 June 06, 2010
when someone is acting like a dumb bitch/whore
nicole broke dairy queen not just the machine but the whole store... she's sucha hougar
by losing time March 29, 2011
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