the act of porking a girl doggey in front of a window, while in the act quickly and quietly switch places with a predetermand friend/partner and while your friend keeps the gilr busy you go the the window and wave at her, this is simaler to running a train but the girl cant know you switched
We pulled Houdini, the on your sister last night.
by jordan a h January 26, 2008
Top Definition
After doing a girl doggie style or anal. You pull out and spit on her back right before you're about to blow your load and when she turns around thinking you're done you shoot your load in her face.
I tricked bridgette out with a Houdini.
by JDAltazar January 28, 2003
(origin American; slang) n. 1. a great magician. n. 2. similar to a 'Donkey Punch' except with flair. n. 3. Doin' a girl from behind, pulling out before you get a chance to come, spitting on her back (only to cause her to turn around), releasing your mangoo into her face and yelling 'Abracadbra bitch!'.
It was a night unlike any other...the breese was gentle, the air softly romantic, and the moon sparkling I hit her with the Houdini.
by Doc Nutz March 18, 2003
Your doing a girl doggy style and right before you spooge you spit on her back so she thinks your done and then when she looks back you blow your load in her face and then punch her in the eye. Proceeding that you steal her wallet and other valued possesions.
Yo, I pulled the houdini on that bitch last night and made off with $5 and a pocket of lint.
by Smythe February 28, 2003
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