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noun: a) one's exposed buttcrack due to low cut pants or shorts OR when one's crack is well defined in tight pants or shorts
b) term of endearment for a friend
(abbreviation = "Slice")
verb: c) when one's buttcrack is hanging out of low cut pants or shorts
a) when maggie bent over to pick up her phone, her hotslice was showing.

b) "hey slice, wanna come over and watch a movie?"

c) lauren bought a new pair of seven jeans, but everytime she sat down she felt like she was hotslicing.
by mckenz June 14, 2006
Sneaking up on an unsuspecting friend from behind who happens to have their legs spread a bit too far and pulling a nasty uppercut with your hands pressed open palm against each other so as to pulverise the genitals.
Gary Capfield pulled a hot slice on me at the party in front of everyone. Nearly keeled over. What a wanker.
by Hutch Daddy ££££'s June 05, 2010
The act of quickly moving your hand between the thighs of another person, in a swift slicing motion.

Note: not recommended for strangers, at the risk of being punched in the face or getting charged with sexual assault.
"Dude... I was at a concert the other day when someone hotsliced me and ran off"

"Whoa, why does that keep happening?"

" me."
by Hotslicer April 14, 2009
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