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when you bite into a hotpocket fresh out of the microwave and the cheese dribbles and scaulds your lip leaving a burn resembling herpes
Ryan: Dude!? is that herpes?????
Nathan: Nah bit into a Hotpocket and it burnt me.
Ryan: HA you have Hotpocket herpes!
by Emobubbles August 18, 2010
The stringy bits of flesh that hang down from the roof of your mouth after having consumed scalding hot food. For oral abrasions caused by the texture of the food, rather than it being hot, use Captain Crunch Mouth.
Jim: Dude, why do you have needle-nosed pliers in your mouth?

Carey: Man, I got a bad case of the hot pocket herpes from those pizza rolls.
by Anarchist Quaker June 02, 2009

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