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Hotrob: A person or animal that grossly overestimates his or her own physical attractiveness (in honour of hot guy Robert). This is not meant to be synonymous with narcissist, which is more like excessive self-love. It’s simply a term to describe someone who sees themselves in an overly optimistic light relative to how other people actually perceive them. Example of usage: "It’s hard to believe Craig thinks he’s in Laura’s league. What a hotrob." We may want to include a phonetic treatment as well, to ensure that no one mispronounces it "ho-trob"
Note to the editor: HotRob was a character that was on the radio for some time. He really looks good on the radio and he knows it.

My name is not Robert it is Lon Funk and this was all for fun.
by Wuzzam July 05, 2010

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