When a track or piece of music is played by a DJ which instantly draws hundreds to the dance floor. Usually the track is new which is why it is "hot".
Hot Wax on the floor catch a contact

As seen in Contact by Foreign Beggars

We were at a club the other night listening to the same old shit, then the DJ played some Hot Wax and i was on the floor for fucking hours
by Ed Mate September 04, 2010
When somebody takes a shit while being fucked in the ass. (Like hot wax at the car wash! hence the name...)
Karl loved it when his girlfriend gave him a hotwax during their anal encounters.
by Robotzombie April 27, 2005
In the act of performing vaginal intercourse, you quickly tear out a chunk of your girlfriend's (or partner's) pubic hair as you finish.
After I pulled out, I gave Rachel a Hot Wax. She screamed in pain after I pulled out 6 strands of hair.
by daentourage June 28, 2009
New Hot Music
Hey bro! is that Hot wax you got on your I pod?
by Swagga Like Boo December 18, 2008

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