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You take some laxitives and shit on someones chest through a tennis racket.
Man, James passed out last night so I have him a Hot Waffle
by penisdemil0 May 05, 2009
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Taking a dump on your girlfriends chest (a cleveland steamer) and immediatly smacking the poo pile with a tennis or badmitten raquet.
I'm glad Sally left her tennis raquet by the bed... I was able to turn a boring cleveland steamer into a hot waffle. It was great!
by toregon January 04, 2011
Street slang for fine or well good
Like if Rooney just scored an epic goal winning the world cup. The boys in the crowd would be like that was well hot waffle.
by L3RONE December 05, 2010
A sex act where, during a threesome with two other women, a man must get all of his 'man batter' into all of the womens' orifaces.
My husband and I met up with Stephanie last night and boy did he give us a good hot waffle!
by Tallski July 21, 2009
When a woman sharts while receiving cunnilingus.
That woman totally gave me a hot waffle, it was delicious.
by OsuJustice January 02, 2010
Popular breakfast in Europe, often served alongside standard Belgian waffles and hookers.
Dude, I just got back from the Netherlands, and this hot waffle thing--it was totally a syrup-filled bong!!! Everything's better in Holland.
by Colbert Viewer February 28, 2008
when a person takes a dump on anothers chest then hits it with a tennis racket.
i gave her a hot waffle last night
by merrimoon August 25, 2010

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