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The one guy that is always in the hot tub by himself, observing other peoples conversations. The hot tub guy will always be the first person in the hot tub, and the last one out of the hot tub. The hot tub guy usually makes others feel awkward since they cannot converse normally with him there. Usually characterized by massive amounts of body hair and a beer belly.
-Yeah man Amanda was really getting creeped out by the hot tub guy lastnight, he was so akward.
-Dude I know, Chris is such a hot tub guy.
by fultyd June 14, 2011
A group of guys sitting in the hot tub that are often characterized as being loud and obnoxious. They start every sentence with "Dude!" and think they are hot shit because they are hanging out together with their shirts off.
- Hey lets go hit up the hot tub!

- No, I don't want to deal with the douchey hot tub guys.
by DC_chick December 22, 2011
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