A store that everyone has shopped at, but will deny to their dying day.
1. "I was so _______ (insert your "rebellion statement" here) that I never shopped at Hot Topic."
2. "I used to shop at Hot Topic back when it was hardcore. But now, it's just for poseurs."
3. "Jesus said unto Peter, before the cock crows, you would have denied me three times."
by heroin hiroshima May 01, 2005
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Hot Topic is an American chain store that specializes in music-related fashion and merchandise. It caters to a number of youth-oriented subcultures and countercultures, such as punk, goth, club, street and lounge, as well as a number of general and 1980s retro pop culture products.
In most states, Hot topic is the best place (if not the only place) to buy a concert style band tee-shirt for under $20.
by Trib4life August 31, 2004
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A store with goth/punk-esque attire. In most cases, a lot of the merchandise is overpriced, but I still shop there occasionally. A lot of people don't like it, because they think everyone who shops there wants to be a "rebel", goth, punk, or any other preferred label of your choice, but some people shop there because they like the clothes at Hot Topic better than clothes at other stores (i.e. Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Fitch, Banana Republic, etc.).

On a side not, people who argue over or make fun of Hot Topic and it's shoppers need to get a life or a hobby. Fast.
I just bought this The Beatles shirt at Hot Topic.
by Ryan May 07, 2005
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"Daddy Bought Me My Rebellion, Inc."


"Let's defile the name and meaning of this music which at one time stood for something profound, but which is now merely a fashion statement dominating the list of things daddy needs to buy me for my thirteenth birthday."

"Hey, remember when punk rock meant something? No. Hey, let's give all our money to some twenty-something cokehead who lives with his parents and works in a trendy store which fills the pockets of some fat middle-aged man in a bad suit and a Ferrari."

"Hot Topic: Where slandering the punk scene is cool."

"Hot Topic: We kill punk with designer plaid pants."

"Hot Topic: We sell Clash shirts, even though the Clash would have kicked our asses."

"Hot Topic: Because even Operation Ivy turned into Rancid and then the Transplants, who sell thier songs to a shampoo company"

"Hot Topic: Because AFI used to be a hardcore band, but now are goth gods for eleventeen-year-olds."
Daddy, buy me goth clothes NOW.

Mommy, I have to be punk rock to fit in.

Mommy, the prep look is out. Buy me bondage gear!

Isn't Avril soooooo cool! Buy me a striped tie from Hot Topic!
by Grindcore December 27, 2003
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A clothing store in which one travels to in order to obtain various articles of apperal. This establishment markets their merchandise towards those who desire to appear hardcore and to be original. But by shopping at this Hot Topic, you are not really original because anyone can shop there. If by shopping there you are looking to be original you are not original because if you were original you would already be original and not trying to be. If original is not something you are already then shop there. Much love to Johnny. Hot Topic is the system.
Hey I got this shirt at Hot Topic I look H.C.!
by johnroxmysox January 06, 2005
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A store that is found at malls. They have random accessories, a bunch of band t-shirts, pants, funny shirts, make up, underwear, hair coloring and cool shoes. Basically every thing a normal store would have. Many people think others shop here to try to be rebellious. Some losers do that, but others actually like what they sell and they shop there. Many parents are afraid of this store and think the people that are inside worship the devil. That's usually false.
"Let's go to Hot Topic."
"You faggot, shopping there and buying the same stuff everyone else buys from there is not being rebellious. Go die you queer."
"I'm not trying to rebel to anything, I seriously like the stuff they sell there, dumbass."
by LikeHeyItsTiff October 31, 2007
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A diverse store that has Metal T-Shirts, Nirvana memorabilia, gay pride stickers, clothes w/ sharp stuff sticking out of them, and weird little characters like Happy Bunny and Eve L.
Also frequented by 12-ish year old females that like to express themselves by wearing net-sleeved shirts, black jelly bracelets, and put Happy Bunny patches on their backbacks. Pretty much everyone at my school wears something from there.
Me: Why are you shopping at Hot Topic?
Rebellious Teenage Girl: To piss off my upstanding, Christian parents.
by Heightling Power April 09, 2004
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